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CNA Interview Questions & Answers

Are You Ready For Some CNA Questions And Answers?

Whether you have got an interview already lined up or are just starting to send out job applications, it always pays to be prepared well in advance. By giving yourself time to think about how you will approach an interview and the questions that might come up, you will be giving yourself a head start, and when the day of the interview comes you will feel a lot more relaxed – which is always a good thing.


CNA Interview HelpFirst of all, remember to present yourself smartly. Do not wear scrubs. Wear dark trousers or a skirt and a blouse or shirt, with a jacket if weather appropriate. Make sure you are well groomed and your hair is neat and tidy.  Make lots of eye contact with the interviewer, and greet them with a big smile and a firm handshake. Don’t fidget in the interview.

A typical interview will consist of some general questions and some questions that are specific to the role of a certified nursing assistant. By thinking about some questions that might come up, and considering what your answers might be you will not be caught out.

Interviews don’t last very long when you consider the long career they can lead to. Use this short period of time to make the very best impression that you can. Here we have some example interview questions along with some suggested answers. Borrow a friend or relative to pose as the interviewer to rehearse your answers. Adapt the answers to suit yourself of course.

Remember these are just sample questions, the actual questions will likely be different from these. The following questions and answers are for guidance only. Put the answers into your own words, it will not be natural (or honest) if you just memorize these!


Why do you want to be a CNA?

I want to be a CNA because I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare. I am a people person and the idea of being able to help people and make even a small difference in their lives appeals to me. I also like the variety of work involved and the fact that there will be different challenges every day.

You could also mention (if true) something like:

My friend / relative has been very ill and has spent a lot of time being cared for by doctors and nurses. I really admired the work they did, I saw how important they are and knew that I wanted to do that too.

The typical salary of a CNA is not very high, how do you feel about that?

I feel that this isn’t the kind of job to go for if you are only in it for the money. The other benefits of the job far outweigh the low salary for me, such as job satisfaction and getting the chance to do the job that I really want to do.

What do you think are the qualities that make a good CNA?

I think a good CNA should be highly organised, very friendly and outgoing and able to communicate with all sorts of different people. A good CNA should have empathy for other people and a good CNA should also not be squeamish!

What would you do if a patient refused to let you administer care?

If trying to reason with them gently and calmly did not work then I would assess the situation and either try again a bit later if it was not urgent, or I would ask my supervisor for help if it was urgent.

And if they were becoming aggressive?

I would try and make them calm but if I couldn’t I would make sure that they were safe and I would go for help or I would stay with them and call for help.

How do you feel about administering personal care to patients of the opposite sex?

That is just a part of the job and it would make no difference to me. A patient is a patient and requires our care. We all know what bodies look like and it would not be an issue for me. I would want the patient to feel comfortable with me administering the personal care, and if they are then I am.

If a patient in your charge fell down what would you do?

If it was not safe to lift them up by myself, then I would make sure they were in no immediate danger and I would go for help, or call for help if possible while staying with them.

You will have several patients that you have to take care of. How do you prioritize which one you attend to first?

I would assess the list and organize them in order of urgency according to their medical needs.

Do you think you will get emotionally attached to the patients?

I think that is inevitable sometimes. I am a caring person, which is why I want to be a CNA. However I think this is something that you learn to deal with as your experience grows.



Where would you like to be in five years?

I would like to still be working in the healthcare field. I see myself still being a CNA in five years time, but if I wasn’t then I would like to think that I had progressed to become a LPN or a RN.

Do you work best as part of a team or an individual?

I work well within a team and have no problem with taking directions or asking for help and also passing on skills, but equally I am capable of working on my own and using my initiative.

Tell me something that you have achieved that makes you proud?

Think of something in your life that would make a good example. If you really cannot think of anything then you could adapt the following answer:

Taking my CNA training and achieving my CNA certificate has made me very proud because I am following my dream and not many people are lucky enough to be able to do that.

Mention anything that made it harder for you, such as family or other studying commitments.

Think of a time or event in your life that has been particularly challenging and tell me how you dealt with it? Did you learn anything from it?

Think of something that you have been through that ultimately led to a positive outcome.

I had some problems with a bully while I was at school and for several months I didn’t tell anyone. It started to affect my school work and my health and one day I decided that keeping quiet was making it worse. So I spoke to my parents and they went with me into the school. Shortly after that things improved and I learnt that it is important to speak up about things that are bothering you.

What would you say is your biggest weakness?

Try to think of a weakness that you can turn into a positive, such as:

I can be a bit obsessive about making sure everything is “just so”. This means sometimes I can take a little longer to carry out some tasks but I like to think having a great attention to detail is a good thing and means that important things don’t get overlooked.

Don’t say that your biggest weakness is one of the most important things about being a CNA, such as communication or organisational skills for example!

How would you deal with a difficult colleague?

If there was an ongoing issue with a colleague then I would try to speak to them to see if we could resolve whatever the issue was. I would probably try this a few times. If this didn’t work and the situation became very awkward then I would speak to a supervisor and ask for their advice.

Why do you want to work for us?

I want to work for you because <enter name of the facility> has a really good reputation in the local community and I would be proud to say I work here.


My friend / relative stayed here when they were ill and they received such excellent care while they were here that I would love to work for you and provide that same level of care to other people.


We hope this helps you prepare for your interview – another great tip is simply to keep calm and breathe!  Remember that everyone has been sitting on the other side of the interview table at some point 🙂 Good luck and let us know how you got on, and we would love to hear if our sample questions helped you!

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