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CNA Skills Required

CNA Skills - taking pulseCNA Skills

As part of your training you will be expected to become proficient in a wide range of skills. There is a lot involved in working as a CNA and the skills you learn will cover a wide variety of areas. How many skills do you think you can think of? Write a list down and then compare with the list here.

Below is a list of the skills that you will have to learn and demonstrate to prove you are ready to take the CNA exam.

Did you think of all of these?

Donning / Removing – gloves, gown, mask


Measuring Height

Measuring Weight – standing scale and wheelchair scale

Thermometer – electronic, tympanic and other

Temperature Recording – oral, ear and axillary

Taking Pulse – radial, apical


Blood Pressure – manual and electronic

Recording Vital Signs

Measuring I&O

Recording I&O

Documenting ADLs

Collecting Urine Sample

Collecting Stool Sample

Observe and Report Pain

Apply Clean Bandages

Make an Occupied Bed

Make an Unoccupied Bed

Positioning and Turning of Patient in Bed

Move Patient Up in Bed

Mechanical Lift Transfer

Transferring Patient from Wheelchair to Bed – using gait belt and total lift

Transferring Patient from Bed to Wheelchair – using gait belt and total lift

Ambulate Resident – using gait belt and walker

AM Care

PM Care

Oral Care – Teeth, Swabbing

Denture Care

Give a Shower

Give a Bed Bath

Shampoo Hair

Shave a Patient – male and female

Skin Care

Nail Care

Hair Care

Give Back Rub

Put Patient on / off Bed Pan

Change Soiled Briefs

Catheter Care

Empty Colostomy Bag

Range of Motion Exercises

Care of Prosthetic Eye

Dress and Undress Patient

Apply Antiembolitic Stockings

Feed a Patient

Assistive Devices in Feeding

Record Meal Percentages

Assist with Patient Admittance and Discharge

Post Mortem Care